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Pneumatic Fittings

Push-In Fittings with BSPT or NPT Thread
Push-In Fittings with BSPP Thread (O-Ring)
Compact One Touch Tube Fittings
Pneumatic Speed Controller Valve
Pneumatic Hand Valve
All Metal Push In Fittings

Nickel Plated Brass Air Fittings with BSPT or NPT Thread
Nickel Plated Brass Air Fittings with BSPP Thread (O-Ring)
All Metal Air Fittings (Camozzi Type)

DOT Brass Push Connect Air Brake Fittings

Stainless Steel Push-In Fittings
Brass Air Fittings

Nickel Plated Brass Air Connector
Compression Fittings
Rapid Fitting for Plastic Tube
Muffler and Air Tubing

Sintering Silencer / Muffler
Air Tubing
USA Type Quick Couplers

Milton Type Quick Couplers
ARO Type Quick Couplers
Truflate Type Quick Couplers
Automatic Type Quick Couplers
Europe Type Quick Couplers

Universal Type Quick Couplers
German Type Quick Couplers
UK (PCL) Type Quick Couplers
Mini Type Quick Couplers
Japan Type Quick Couplers

One Touch Type Quick Couplers
Two Touch Type Quick Couplers





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About Us

NingBo Pace Pneumatics Co.,Ltd. is a chinese reliable manufacturer, and specializes in production and research pneumatic fitting, quick coupler, air hose etc., pneumatic elements, located in NINGBO, CHINA, which bearing the convenient traffic and the beautiful scenery. Our factory occupies 8000 square meters, owns more than 100 productive employeesand was founded in 2003.pace factory                            Pace Prodcuts are inculding One Touch Tube Fittings, Pneumatic fittings, All metal push in fittings, Air fitting, Penumatic tubing, Air Hose, Pneumatic silencer, brass air connector and other pneumatic accessories. After some years of efforts, our products are been exported to all over the world and won customer recognition, the quality and the credibility is our most important position. Pace Pneumatics have established long and good business relations with many customers thanks to the good quality products and good services. We are happy to receive the enquiries and orders from the good customers all over the world. Believe and joint us, we will make you satisfied all the time.

Machining Operation and Injection Moulding

  • brass fitting processed

    Copper and Blanking

    Our factory use automatic blanking machine, and our material of fittings are made of 59 Extrusion copper, not continuous casting copper.
  • injection

    Mechanical Processing and Injection Moulding

    All of our metal parts of fittings are processed by Our high precision CNC lathe, and injection moulding of plastic parts
  • Product Assembly and Testing

  • Testing

    Products Assembly and Products Testing

    Our fittings are assembled by workers and equipment, each of fittings must be tested by testing equipment.
  • Packaging and Storage

  • storge

    Products Packaging

    Our workers will put air fittings into ziplock Polybag, the quantity of fittings put in Polybag is according to the size of pneumatic fittings
  • storge

    Products Packaging

    The Polybag which is filled with pneumatic fittings will be put into small white box, then the small white boxes are put into export cartons.
  • storge

    Products Storage

    some of common pneumatic fittings and some parts of fittings are in stock in order to have a fast delivery time for our customers.
  • Delivery: Sea Shipment / Air Freight / Express

  • storge

    Delivery Way

    We could arrange various delivery way of our goods according to our clients, could be delivery by sea, by train, by air or by international express.

  • Need more details about products, goods delivery or any others, please contact us via our Email
  • Our competitive advantage :    
    air fitting top
  • push in fitting

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